Air Ducts and Air Conditioning Repair

The air ducts in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system play a very significant role. Most of these ducts are hidden and to so many homeowners, they are the most neglected in the HVAC system. Proper care, maintenance, and repairs largely affect the indoor air quality and also the cost of running your HVAC. The air ducts in your air conditioning unit also play a very important role of e ensuring that your air conditioner is efficient, this, therefore, means that the longevity of your unit depends on how well you take care of your ducts. Below are some problems commonly found in air ducts that can affect your HVAC system?

Dirty Air Ducts Are A Drag On Your AC System
This is one of the main contributors to the air conditioner inefficiency and indoor health problems. It also largely affects the indoor air quality in your home. This problem is caused by taking too long to clean the air ducts causing dust, pollutants, pollen and other debris to accumulate. All this dirt is then recirculated in your house and can cause major respiratory infections and allergic attacks. Most importantly, the dirt clogs up the air filters causing your system to malfunction.

Leaking Air Ducts
This mostly happens as a result of poor installation but can also be brought about by the lack of proper maintenance. When you lose air in the ducts, your air conditioner is forced to work harder to meet the required cooling standards of your home. Because your unit is overworking, there is increased wearing out of parts. This leads to regular costly repairs. It is important to have regular routine checks on your ducts and necessary repairs done to avoid your system shutting down completely. Below are results of a leaking air duct.
• High utility bills as a result of the air produced by your unit escaping through the walls or floor before getting distributed throughout your home.
• Your air conditioning unit has to work even harder to make up for lost air in the ducts. The strained unit will, therefore, malfunction regularly and the risk of a complete system failure is increased.
• Your leaking air ducts will not only let air escape but will also allow air. The air coming in through your air ducts brings in with it dust and other harmful contaminants. Insects may also crawl in through the cracks.

Leaking air ducts require professionals, even though DIY tips are available online.

Poor Air Duct Design
Poor air duct design affects your AC system in a number of ways. Before installing your air conditioner, a professional contractor should make assessments on your home size to determine the size of AC unit well suited for the needs of your home. Proper designing of the air duct system should also be done. An improper or irregular design would cause inefficiency, taking into account that your unit may be of the right size for your home but due to a poorly designed duct work, cause it to malfunction.

Twisted or Crushed Air Ducts
It is now a common thing to have plastic air ducts. With plastic, the rise in temperatures may cause it to get crushed or twisted, it is, therefore, important to have regular routine checks. A crushed plastic air duct would cause it to restrict airflow. This in return would cause your system to work even harder in pushing air throughout your house.
It is, therefore, necessary to have your air ducts well cared for, necessary repairs done and proper system hygiene maintained. This would not only be of importance to your HVAC system, the amount you have to spend on air conditioning repairs, and also to your health as well.